First Day Out Tha Cult

by Salad Hayes

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Like Gucci, I'm Free!


released August 24, 2016

Co-produced by Gun Xiaoping and Salad Hayes




Salad Hayes Missoula, montana

Straight outta Thay, the Red Wizard Salad Hayes finally embarks on his own.

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Track Name: First Day Out Tha Cult
Fresh off a one take.
Les do dis.
Call me crazy so much I think I’m starting to believe ‘em.
Thanks Gucci.
Leave ‘em.
Sleazy Deezy tho f’real
Arnie Palms RIP!

First this, first that all I know is that I’m feelin’ the trap.
Red Wizard chop it up like it’s my very first bag of the yack.
Ya heard G-Spot on the decks an’ it ain’t his first day in the back.
Ya girl saw Hayes at the joint an’ she came to my spot to jump in the sack.

Shai-Hulud comin’ straight from the depths to devour
Your colluding shame comin’ due right at death’s hour.
Tellin’ stories that do us honor ‘round that fresh ol’ fire,
In our glory leave your body in a funeral pyre.

Yeah I’m all up an’ full of that trite shit.
It’s so tragic Billy Shakes’d shed a tear outta likeness.
Makin’ magic yeah I’m all up an’ full of that trite shit.
It’s so tragic Billy Shakes’d shed a tear outta likeness.


Roll through life flyin’ under the radar
Anonymous-like, ridin’ high on my own paydirt.
I embrace strife, fuck with Hayes an’ I see you later,
Runnin’ outta time I’think I’m due to get good an’ faded.

Fade me out, you in the flood while I’m safe in my ark
That shade you castin’ be stout, god damn that shit’s dark.
Nah I ain’t one to sit in the corner and sulk.
Fuck man this be my very first day out tha cult.

Half a decade spent kneeling to the gods at the State,
PO had me heeling like some kinda institutionalized slave.
Restitution had me weakened once they all been paid,
Now the world’s all mine to get good an’ slayed.

Red Thayan Wizard I don’t fucks with that sad shit.
Out in the light, done with the Cave, I said goodbye to that bad bitch.
Still watchin’ shadows on the wall, three more an’ they call it a hat trick.
Bitches think twice ‘fore they come, ‘cause they know I’m a savage.

Sad lames watch Hayes from the wall ‘fore they pushin’ up daisies.
Switch lanes it’s the same when I haul ‘cause I pushin’ them ladies
With haste to a place that I call, the next version of Hades.
Six dozen virgins that’s a haul, don’t throw shade ‘cause you ain’t this.

(Refrain) x2
Track Name: Pure Evil
See if I can one-take this shit
I dunno
Yeah, moral of the story, I did
Alright, here it comes

Hayes heavy on yo’ heart, I’m a drain on yo’ soul.
Way too steady, all harm, all foul like Cain I’m yo’ bro’.
Evil, no two ways around it, a red wizard’s requirement.
Thay deadly to those that think they can just skirt the sides of it.

I’m a scourge to all those that think they modern-day generals.
Let those knock-kneed know, prove yo’ Sodom-esque credentials.
Get yo arm-y up, the few you enlist think you surely special.
Hand those reigns to me you’ll know power purely mental.

Delve my mind where I’ll be showin’ y’all the depths of depravity.
A hellish nightmare, more to bring to an end yo’ sanity.
No fake gangbangin’, murder the least of my sins.
Bitches’ll write about it, sure, but that’s merely tangential to how I win.

Best consolidate yo’ assets, the only way to compete.
Me, I’m on another plane, workin’ overtime to ensure your defeat.
Salaried, you best bleach your collar ‘cause with blue it’s replete.
Hourly I work to steal those dollars so you better keep yo’ receipt.

Pure evil, ‘cause that’s all that’s left of me.
Pure evil, my soul left me for my phylactery.
Pure evil, my darkness foreshadows every attack.
Pure evil, leave y’all sayin’ red’s the new black.

Pure evil, archaic arcane occult offense.
Pure evil, evoke right through your nonsense.
Pure evil, my darkness foreshadows every attack.
Pure evil, leave y’all sayin’ red’s the new black.

I don’t give a shit about yo’ 9 mil, or that giant banana clip.
Yo AK just a bitch-made tiny li’l’ way to make up fo’ yo’ tiny li’l’ dick.
Commiserating, compensating for impotency with all this gangster bullshit.
Compensation, cop yo’ pay son yo’ girl with me and while I bang her hold this

It’s, just another story, gettin’ a little gory while you ridin’ on poor beats.
Like, yo’ girl told me, gettin’ a little whorey while you whinin’ on Maury.
You so whipped, Povich straight nailed yo’ ass to the wall.
Connie Chung’s bitch hung you up and you want to say that you can ball?

Go ahead and run, and I promise I won’t tell a one of ya.
I’ll just call the nine levels for fun and yell for all those devils to come at ya.
Then I’ll haul off some demons straight out the Abyss.
Think I can’t withstand their scheming? You must think I’m a bitch.

Animate yo’ skeletons, chromatic rays, the pressure’s rising:
Those denizens of the lower planes around me be terrorizing.
They’re fighting while y’all cower. I bet I find ya fiending.
Fiends bring me all power and on your tremors I’ll be feasting.

Pure evil, this corporeal shell barely human.
Pure evil, no holds barred on what I do to win.
Pure evil, my darkness foreshadows every attack.
Pure evil, leave y’all sayin’ red’s the new black.

Here we’ve come to the end, moral of the story is nowhere to be found.
No morality left to bend, social mores can’t hold me when they surround.
Expect convicts of my type to be inside wasting thei’ lives away.
Check my rec, no hype, best hide, my evil hastens to bring the pain.